Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All or Nothing H.C.

Last night my band, The Lost Tourists,(sorry... shameless self promotion) had the pleasure of playing with All or Nothing H.C. at the Sidebar in Baltimore. I cannot emphasis enough how great of mood this band's set put me in. To give you a general idea, I'd describe their music as having a Sick of it All sound with xLookingForwardx style vocals and positive messages all around.
The lead vocalist, Renae, not only fronts the band but also runs On the Rag Records and Zine AND is a 5th grade teacher.
Even though the place was nowhere near packed, the band didn't give us any less of a show. Renae had a story for almost every song, most notably, before "Knife to My Neck", she shared the fact that she was a rape victim and has turned a negative into a positive by raising awareness through the music.

Basically she's my new hero.

Without ever listening to them before that night, I had the chant from their last song stuck in my head on the way home.

"They are We" Live in Germany:

Here I have their newest release, but I highly encourage everyone to check out all their stuff and support ON THE RAG records in any way possible.

California Bleeding

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