Sunday, November 28, 2010


Again, I have really REALLY neglected this blog. But alas, I return again.

This time I bring you some indie pop (well call it what you will) from Canada. Ohbijou simply started with the compositions of lead singer and guitarist Casey Mecija. Then, with the help of her sister Jenny and numerous other musicians on mandolin, violin, piano, banjo, cello and more, the band emerged out of the Toronto scene in 2005.

I was introduced to Ohbijou through a mixtape I received from a special someone last year. Now, I've finally gotten around to downloading and listening to both their albums and I can't stop! This music is especially appropriate for the season, so dl and enjoy!

Swift Feet for Troubling Times


Monday, June 14, 2010


Lullatone is a Japaness girl and and a white dude (I think from the US...moved to Japan). And I'm assuming they're a couple because they have a really cute baby and make really cute music together. Thanks to my boyfriend for telling me about this band which he described as: "soo pretty, and fucking cute. it's like a kitten is singing to you, with a puppy playing a heaven."

That should be good enough explanation.
I also thought I should let everyone reading realize I don't only listen to politcal/vegan/sxe/feminist/riot grrl bands (although I FUCKING LOVE THAT SHIT).

I absolutely love "cute-core".

so here's something to fall asleep to or just like makeout and stare at your significant other to.

...Presents The Bedroom Beat

...Plays Pajama Pop Por Vous

Songs That Spin in Circles

Computer Recital

Little Songs About Raindrops

We Will Rock You...To Sleep

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Again, I suck at updating, but in my defense... I'm graduating college on Saturday so I've been going a little (a whole lot) crazy.
Anyway, today I bring you some of the finest riot grrl bands EVER.
Bratmobile is comprised of members of both Washington state and Washington DC. They started out in the early 90's...had a lil hiatus and came back in the late 90's for a while with the Ladies, Women, and Girls AND Girls get Busy albums. Their music is so simple but undeniably catchy with Allison Wolfe's lyrics hitting a lot of important subjects... but always with some humor.

Basically if you don't have all the Bratmobile albums, you're missing out on some essential stuff. GET IT!

The Real Janelle
Ladies, Women, and Girls
Girls Get Busy!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mal Blum

I believe it was a beautiful summer day in 2008 that i went to baker park to chill with some friends while watching some touring acoustic acts. One set that really stuck in my head that night was Mal Blum. Rarely do I come across acoustic singer/songwriters that can truly put on an engaging show, but that's exactly what I got from Mal. Not only will these songs make you smile, but you'll be singing them days after you've heard them. Since seeing her that first time, Mal's album "Goodnight, Sugarpop" has become a staple in my summer playlists.

At a show she played a few weeks ago in Frederick Mal said she wrote this song for us!... BUT, called it Baltimore because she couldn't rhyme with Frederick.

For Making Art-EP
Goodnight Sugarpop

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Two Funerals

THE TWO FUNERALS are an all girl 3-piece from Virginia that have been keepin it real since 2004. The music is catchy and lots of the lyrics touch on issues of sexism that still aren't discussed enough in the DIY scene. Plain and simple these women fucking rock and i can't wait to see them at 3rd St. Co-op on Monday with PS Eliot!

...Invade Poland
Tell Yr Story

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


To be honest I never took the time before yesterday to really listen to THE GITS, although I had heard of them as one of the hundreds of bands that rose out of Seattle in the early 90's, it wasn't until I watch THE GITS Documentary that I truly understood what they were all about. THE GITS formed in 1986 at Antioch College in Ohio. They then all moved to a house in Seattle which they called THE RATHOUSE. It was here they practiced, put on awesome fucking shows, and even helped their friends put together the riot grrrl band 7 YEAR BITCH. The Gits were fronted by Mia Zapata, who had a distinctly passionate and bluesy voice rarely found in punk music. It sort of reminds me of Stevie Nicks but with more soul like Bessie Smith. By 1993 the band had gained a pretty big following on the west coast and was able to tour all around the US and Europe. On July 7th, 1993 after playing a solo show and leaving the bar, Mia Zapata disappeared on her way home. She was found dead an hour a half later. She had been raped, beaten and strangled, so much that they could only identify her body by a tattoo on her leg.
The story of THE GITS is tragic, but a few positive outcomes have finally surfaced. After 10 years, the killer was finally found by saliva DNA, and sentenced to 36 years in prison (although i think he deserves life in jail.) and Mia's friends, including the women of 7 Year Bitch started HOME ALIVE A nonprofit self defense organization.
I really hope people don't forget this band, not just because of what happened to Mia, but because they put out some really fucking good music.
I also recommend everyone watch THE GITS DOCUMENTARY.

Frenching the Bully
Enter: The Conquering Chicken (pt 1)
Enter: The Conquering Chicken (pt 2)
Kings and Queens
SeaFish Louisville

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Brightest Diamond

A couple months ago my girl Alexa introduced me to MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND. I was instantly in love. The intricate classical yet sometimes psychedelic orchestration is the perfect backing for these haunting vocals. Apparently, singer Shara Worden was raised by a wandering musical family that jumped from state to state throughout her childhood. She's got a degree in opera...and once you hear her voice, you'll know exactly why.

A Thousand Shark's Teeth

Bring Me the Workhorse