Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Again, I suck at updating, but in my defense... I'm graduating college on Saturday so I've been going a little (a whole lot) crazy.
Anyway, today I bring you some of the finest riot grrl bands EVER.
Bratmobile is comprised of members of both Washington state and Washington DC. They started out in the early 90's...had a lil hiatus and came back in the late 90's for a while with the Ladies, Women, and Girls AND Girls get Busy albums. Their music is so simple but undeniably catchy with Allison Wolfe's lyrics hitting a lot of important subjects... but always with some humor.

Basically if you don't have all the Bratmobile albums, you're missing out on some essential stuff. GET IT!

The Real Janelle
Ladies, Women, and Girls
Girls Get Busy!

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