Friday, April 9, 2010

Mal Blum

I believe it was a beautiful summer day in 2008 that i went to baker park to chill with some friends while watching some touring acoustic acts. One set that really stuck in my head that night was Mal Blum. Rarely do I come across acoustic singer/songwriters that can truly put on an engaging show, but that's exactly what I got from Mal. Not only will these songs make you smile, but you'll be singing them days after you've heard them. Since seeing her that first time, Mal's album "Goodnight, Sugarpop" has become a staple in my summer playlists.

At a show she played a few weeks ago in Frederick Mal said she wrote this song for us!... BUT, called it Baltimore because she couldn't rhyme with Frederick.

For Making Art-EP
Goodnight Sugarpop

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